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Parish History

The present Church of the Holy Innocents in the Belair Anglican Parish was consecrated in 1991.


The foundation stone for the first Church of the Holy Innocents in Belair was laid in 1898, on land donated by Dr Hamilton of Birralee House, who lived in the local area. The original building still stands on the corner of Sheoak Road and James Road, and is now the chapel of St John’s Grammar School, Junior Campus.

In 1969 the Parish of Belair was independently established, and soon thereafter had a congregation that was too numerous for the original building.  


Construction of the present Church of the Holy Innocents began in 1990 further along Sheoak Road at its current location and was attached to the, now, parish hall, which was built in the 1920s.

Holy Innocents Crest

The Holy Innocents crest incorporates two crowns and three lilies. The crowns represent martyrdom. The lilies symbolizes the purity and innocence of the babies slaughtered by Herod's order. 

The crowns of gold, along with the silver/white lilies represent innocence, purity and humility.

The red shield represents love and martyred saints.


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New York, Morehouse-Barlow Co

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